Cinnamon Milk – Insomnia Home Remedy

Cinnamon Milk sends Insomnia though in 2 strokes.

Home Remedy Insomnia - Cinnamon Milk

Everyone has the little recipe for warm milk, or warm to help sleep, and for many people it works alone, you do not need anything else.
But, there are people who are suffering too much to sleep in these times of many electronic devices, much information at your fingertips, so I will show you a delicious combination that will help you sleep better.
But first, remember these rules:
1) Try to establish a sleep routine, going to sleep whenever possible, at the same time.
2) Turn off your mobile phone, or place it in the MUTE as far away from the bed as possible (unless you are a doctor and need to attend an emergency, if it is not your case, turn it off).
3) If you can, make a prayer, a prayer you like.
4) Try to think of wonderful places you have known or want to know.
5) Take your cinnamon milk still warm.

Cinnamon Milk Recipe – Ingredients

Home Remedy for Inmsonia

1 cup of milk
1 stick of cinnamon
Honey or Melado (Molasses), to taste (try about 1 teaspoon)

To make the milk, put it in a pan to boil or in the microwave for 40 seconds (see the power of your microwave).
When the milk starts to boil, place the cinnamon stick and bake with a lid for 10 minutes.

Sugar with honey or molasses.

Cinnamon Milk for Insomnia – Home Remedy