Friends are roads

Friends are roads – Paulo Roberto Gaefke

Some friends are essential, simple
like that dirt road in the small town,

which can be sighted entirely from the hilltop,

from we where to leave to where to go
transparent and reliable.

Others have just arrived,
as roads that we know only from the guide,
and let us venturing without really knowing their limits
unknown paths,
but always worth travelling.

There are friends that resemble those vicinal roads

that we rarely see or use,
but we know will be there when we need it,
even when we go away on other paths,
they are always in our memory.

Surely there are also friends who unfortunately
resemble those wonderful wide roads
which asphalt is always new,
yet trick the driver
with their dangerous curves,
and when we least expect…
betray our confidence.

And there are friends who are like those roads

that no longer exist,
but always connect with the emotion of our longing,
the way we miss the landscape gone – a piece of that road

that left deep scars in our heart.

Gone, but impregnated on our soul.

Yet in the journey of life, which can be long or short,

friends are more than roads,

they are signs that point out directions,
and in the moments we most need them,
sometimes they are our truly the ground under our feet.

Roberto Gaefke