Paths of life

I wish for you to run towards happiness
I wish for you to run towards happiness

Life has colors that we sometimes don’t notice,
sounds we don’t always hear,
flavors we don’t always try,
traps that we set for ourselves,
and paths, many paths
that we have not yet taken.

We lack time to appreciate the details.
Yet we let time, our precious time,
seep through our fingers.

Children who grow up and we do not realize,
love that crumbles
and falls into an overwhelming routine,
and yet we do not realize.

We’re aging and giving up our dreams,
going through life complaining;
a year begins and before we see it
it’s already over without ever having been lived.

Our prayers are litanies repeated
empty expressions of our disappointment;
meanwhile God on the distant throne,
leaves us wandering on Earth …

No one has more time for life,
only for the pressing engagements of our agony.
Driven by consumerism,
we are overwhelmed by debt, the price of living.

In the daily fight for survival we have no time:
no time for poetry, flowers, siting on the floor,
walking barefoot, eating with our hands,
dating in the plaza, walking aimlessly –
having a true communion with God

We are fleeing the crucial encounter
between ourselves and our dreams,
between what we want and what we don’t have,
between what we imagine and what is.
And thus the question is begged:
where are we going?

I wish for you to run towards happiness,
to discover that life is a gift with no equal,
which God offers to someone special
who feels the breeze of morning inviting us
towards a life that opens into a flower
offering you much peace and much love.

I believe in you

Paulo Roberto Gaefke
thanks to my friend Andrea Steiner
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